Australian trip – week #1

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I was not tired when I landed in Sydney. It was a 26 hour trip – the longest I’ve never had – and I felt good, probably very excited going south, on the other side of the earth for the first time in my life. Summer in December, this is it! It was freezing when I left France and I was in Australia, wearing short pants and a sleeveless t-shirt, feeling the sun burning my skin – again, like August at home.

As we walked downtown (Central Business District aka CBD), my first impression was negative. On an architectural prospective, I didn’t like the British XIXe century ugly style, mixed with horrible building erected between the 60’s and the 80’s. But suddenly, here it was, Sydney Opera House, the building I spent my whole childhood to look at in magazines and architecture books. Let’s be honest, the Opera House is smaller that you would expect… but still, it is so beautiful! Just like the Louvre pyramid or Bilbao Guggenheim Museum: one of the most beautiful modern building I have ever seen in my life.

I didn’t come to Sydney for history. When you live in Europe, you do not expect a lot from a 200 year old country… Then I forgot about my French arrogance and started to enjoy the place I was in. Sydney is like something between London and San Francisco – just take the best parts of those two cities. Everything is about this fantastic harbor surrounded by bays and beaches, about muscly tattooed pierced guys and hot sexy ladies in fancy places. How couldn’t I love a place where December looks like summertime?

I have spent my whole life enjoying New Year’s Eve at home with family and/or friends. It used to be cold, even snowing sometimes. But this time, I started to visit various places like the Rocks, Palm Beach, Mosman and Newtown to finally end up in Ashton park with food, drinks and friends. I spent 12 hours in the grass, watching wonderful Sydney Harbor. When midnight came, there was no Champagne nor foie gras but fantastic fireworks in the whole harbor. Something amazing you never forget.